These are more along the lines of what I am going for with this project, I still would like to play around with color and texture but for now I am focusing on creating the next sequence of planets, types 3, 4, and 5.


  1. Hello Andrew!, i would like to use these images in a videogame, it is related to nassim haramein theories and ideas...

    Yout pics fit very well in the game estetic right now, i would like to use them as buttons with different magic powers associated to them...

    The game is schedulled to...uhm, as soon as possible and thanks to the help of Matt Dyck is getting real fast to the real world (videogames world hehe)...he is gonna be in the credits :) --oh famous!-- and, the game will be launched out free for various platforms...

    say me something :)

    1. Hey how is it going these days ? I never this msg for the longest time but I've heard and watch some of Nassim Haramein's work and its very interesting. Are you still working on games ?